30 Jun 2011


This blog has been created with the objective to share information related to the Wipbi platform. Wipbi is a project and portfolio management (PPM) application, focusing on project tracking and progress reporting.

The idea behind this blog is to provide information about the platform, including its development and usage, as well as general topics related to project management and reporting. We hope to provide interesting contents for the readers, regardless they are users or not of the application.

A little bit of history about how we arrived here: project progress reporting is the usual way to formally communicate information between the project manager in charge of a project, and the client. There are many different ways of reporting, normally based on delivering progress reporting documents. Project management methodologies and organisations usually provide templates to standardise the contents. In 2007, the European Space Agency started a study about the applicability of Business Intelligence techniques to improve the visibility on the status of their software projects. The key idea was to formalise reporting interfaces with the contractors, to be able to automatically process the information and analyse it to generate organisational information and reports with added value. The idea was developed in the next years, and the resultign system was called BIRF (Business Intelligence and Reporting Framework). It has been applied to real software projects at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).

We are some of the developers originally involved in that project, and we had the idea to generalise the concept, to create a web platform for supporting project progress reporting, and the interaction between clients and contractors. The result is Wipbi...