30 Jan 2013

Why we are developing a specific platform for Project Control and Reporting


We are finishing the first release of Wipbi that will be available in short time. It has some functionality to get a good idea of how Wipbi will grow in the future, and some users have already connected and given very useful oppinions.

But there is a question that many people might ask, and although the answer has always been in our mind, we think it is important to tell it explicitly: Why are we doing this? There are so many Project Managament products (commercial and Open Source) available…

The reason is that we want to achieve that projects, as a fundamental base for the innovation process and progress of every company, help to develop more efficient enterprise ecosystems. And we think this is not happening in many situations, despite the existence of great tools and methodologies.

Starting a project has more or less risks, risk of not managing to finish the project, risk of not getting enough value, etc., but at last, it is the risk that not only the invested resources and time are not rewarded, but that the consequences of not allocating those resources to other important tasks or the fact of losing any time that is often very valuable, could affect the competitiveness of the company in the long term.

We firmly believe that we can contribute to improve project results, focusing in the communication mechanisms between stakeholders and in the control of the project status. So, we are developing a platform that unifies the information generated by the project and which may come from multiple channels, then transforms that information into an effective communication, fitted to each stakeholder´s needs, and automates those tasks that because of being considered as repetitive and with little value, they are often not performed at the right time.

A simple concept complementing other great Project Management solutions.

This is our aim. Do you share our point of view?  

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